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How to Quickly Change the Default Directory of Your WordPress Hosting Installation

Our H-Shere Softaculous installer by default installs your domain in a directory and not the root. This is a precaution against hackers who would usually try to access one directory up at /wp-admin but some take other precautions. 

To change it you will need to go into your Settings then to General in your WordPress administration panel. It should then ask you what your domain name is at the top, and you can change it from to 

Change Wordpress Root Directory

Then you will need to use Webshell or FTP and move all of the WordPress files to the root next. After that, it should work as if you installed it in the root. If you're not sure how to do that, you can read How to Use FTP via Filezilla to Access Your Website Files, Directories and Images

If you want to remain on the safe side, but want your site to still show your site without the directory you can change the site index by following the guide: Setting Up Wordpress As Your Site's Homepage

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