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How to Use FTP via Filezilla to Access Your Website Files, Directories and Images

Filezilla is a free, multiplatform FTP client that is very popular, you can get it here: 

To upload your files using FileZilla:

Once you have opened Filezilla,  fill in the Host, Username and Password fields with the ftp information provided in your welcome email.

Host =
Username = your ftp username
Password = your ftp password

Quick Connect 

Click QuickConnect. 

Once connected, navigate to your domain's folder on the Remote Server (right side).  Make sure you double click on the folder name so that you are INSIDE the folder.

Local and Remote

Transfer your files from your computer (the left side) by clicking on your files, and dragging them to the remote server (right side).

To make it encrypted using FTP-SSL in Filezilla

- Open Filezilla.

1) Select the File menu, and click on Site Manager

2) Click on New Site

3) Enter the FTP Host, Port, User and Password as normal

4) for encryption, rather than "use plain FTP", the option "Require explicit FTP over TLS" should be selected. When prompted, accept the SSL certificate.

Filezilla FTPS Setup

5) Click Ok.

Want to use our bult in Webshell instead? Here is how you can always access your website just with control panel access: How to Use Webshell in Your Control Panel to Access Your Website Files, Directories and Images

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