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How to Use Webshell in Your Control Panel to Access Your Website Files, Directories and Images

There are a few ways you can access your website files for editing and backing up/uploading. First, you can use our built-in file manager. The program is called, and l is simple and easy to use and can even be an alternative to FTP for uploading and downloading files.

First, log in to your control panel:

Next you can either go to FTP/User Account > FTP or you can click on the FTP manager icon in the FTP area.

Login to Webshell

Now click on the login icon to log in. You won't be prompted for a password since you already had to log in to your control panel. (As a side note you can also change your FTP password from this page in case you ever have problems logging in with your FTP client)

Inside Webshell

Inside Webshell you'll see this screen. On the left side are directories for all your hosted domains. For organizational purposes, each directory is its own website. Let's upload an image to our website. Go ahead and click to move forward.

Make Directories and Upload

You can make a directory if you want with the  "MKDIR" button at the top. Type in the name of your new directory and click create. After we make the directory click on the "Upload" button to upload an image into that directory.

Upload Files

Webshell allows you to upload 10 items at a time. Click on the empty fields and browse for the files you wish to upload. Once you are ready then click on the upload button at the bottom.

View File Details

It's that easy to upload using Webshell. You can also use Webshell to create, move and delete files on your hosting account. One more thing we should look at is the file details. If you click on a file on the left side of Webshell the details will be displayed on the right side. Aside from information about the files details, you will able to rename, compress, change permissions and download back to your computer.

Webshell is best when you need to upload or download something from your website quickly and don't have quick access to an FTP program. There are a few other basic features and functions of Webshell but you can click around and explore a little bit more. 

Want to use FTP instead? Here is how you can get started:

How to Use FTP via Filezilla to Access Your Website Files, Directories and Images

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