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A Record, Cname, MX, Name Servers - Changing DNS Records

To create a new record (A record, CNAME, MX etc) for your domain name :

Log into your hosting account (,
Click on Domains,
If you have more than one domain, click on your domain name, otherwise
Click the Edit icon next to "DNS Configuration",
Scroll down and click on "Add DNS A Record, Add DNS CNAME Record, Add DNS MX Record etc". Then agree to the charges, if any.
Enter the record you want to set up in the Name field,
Enter the hostname given to you by the other provider in the Data field,

Once this is done, it will take about 24 hours for your new record to begin working properly.

This is how you will change your DNS records in the case of using Wix, G Suite, Office365 or other hosts or email providers.

NOTE: You should not use BOTH custom A record and default A records at same time, will cause conflict. 

For Office365 users:

Choose files or drag and drop files
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