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IMAP and POP3 - definitions

What Is the Difference Between Imap and Pop in My Email Client?

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol): 

  • Stores email on a mail server and retrieves it to your client.
  • Allows management of email on server from various email clients and webmail.
  • Limited to email quota (Hostica's email quota can be changed up to your total free space on your account. Simple and Simple Plus have 30GB allotted to the plan.)

POP3 (Post Office Protocol Version 3): 

  • Downloads local copies of your emails and deletes the originals from the email server. 
  • Can only be attached to one computer, it cannot be accessed from multiple clients or webmail.
  • Unlimited space, only limited by the size of your computer's hard drive.

Hostica Recommendation:

Unless you are going to be using a massive amount of data (I.E. Over 2-5GB in New Plans) you will want to use IMAP as it allows you to access your email from the cloud. POP3 is good if you have a lot of emails constantly coming in and you have gone over your quota.

General information

How to find your mail server:

  1. Access your email address through a web client via the Hostica Control Panel by going to "Email" 

2. Under Mail Manager Mail domains

Hostica port for incoming server: 143
Hostica port for incoming server: 110
Port for outgoing on both: 587

Hostica's Web Client options for email addresses using IMAP:


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If you need assistance in setting up your email in your email client, on your iPhone, Android, Windows PC or Mac see this article:  Email Settings

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