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Postini End of Life. Introducing Antispam Pro

Next month Google will shut down Postini and retire the program. We are rolling out Antispam Pro as a replacemant for Postini's anti-spam email filtering service. Through the week of Monday, April 22, until Friday, April 26, we will be activating Antispam Pro on all domains that currently have Postini enabled. We will disable all Postini accounts on Monday, April the 29th to prevent mailboxes from breaking when Google shuts down Postini services. You will need to manually recreate your whitelists and blacklists in Antispam Pro, so if you need to reference your Postini filter settings please do so before the 29th of April.


Antispam Pro provides the same service that Postini did, but gives you a chance to save money as well. Where Postini was billed by the mailbox, Antispam Pro is billed by the domain. So you can apply Antispam Pro to as many mailboxes under the same domain without any extra charge. Pricing will be $2.50 per month for Reseller accounts, and $3.00 for Shared hosting accounts plus the MX custom DNS record fee associated with certain accounts. New features such as outgoing mail filters and email archiving are also expected to be offered. Details will be coming soon.

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  1. Michael

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  1. Bob Dorsey

    It would've liked to have been notified by Hostica rather than having a barrage of curious "Dear Sir/Madam" emails from a strange emailer that I do not know. They didn't identify their relationship with hostica either, so I deleted the suspicious mail. I eventually figured it out after receiving several phone calls from people I email regularly who's emails were being rejected. I missed quite a few important emails. I contacted Hostica about the suspicious email but surprisingly they never responded. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. "Hi, I'm your new roommate. You'll be sleeping in the other room from this day forward."
  2. Gayle Souter-Brown

    could this be why I can not receive any emails through Google since Friday April 26th?