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WARNING!! "domain: exceeded the server limit" Phishing Emails WARNING !!

We have received reports of emails which have been sent out with the subject "domain: exceeded the server limit".   These are phishing emails, and did not come from Hostica. If you have received one of these emails, delete the email immediately.  Do not click the link in the email (it's not our site).

The emails contain the following

Dear client,

Domain account has exceeded the limit load available for the existing pay rate plan.

Methods of load analysis and elimination:
[do not click the link displayed here in the email]

In order to prevent your account from being locked out we recommend that you change the existing rate plan onto a more powerful one or limit the server load by means of code optimization.


If you have clicked the link, and "logged in", then your user/pass have most likely been compromised.   Log into your hostica account (the My Account link on, and change all of your passwords (control panel, ftp, email). 

Again, if you have received this, delete the email and do not click any of the links in the email.

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