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WordPress As Homepage (Directory Index)

How to make Word Press your home page

Directory Indexes:
With this feature you can tell the Internet users' browsers which page should be loaded first as they enter your URL e.g. into their browsers' Address field. H-Sphere sets this page to /index.html by default, but you may still set another custom welcome page or even the sequence. 

Even though Wordpress is installed in subfolder, you can easily make it your homepage by following these instructions.

  1.  Log into your Hostica Control Panel
  2. Click on Domains, then select the domain you installed Wordpress on.
  3. Click on "Web Options"
  4. After Web Options loads click on the red switch after "Directory Indexes"

Web Options/Service Page

Scroll down, and find the Directory Indexes line. Click on the "Off" icon.

Click Off Next to Directory Indexes5. In the box on the next page, enter: WordPress-foldername/index.php index.php     index.html. The default installer uses /wp as the WordPress-foldername, so you would need to enter:   wp/index.php index.php index.html

(hint: copy and paste this text ->   wp/index.php index.php index.html   )

If you installed Wordpress under a different folder name, for example, "blog", then you would enter: blog/index.php index.php index.html.

Wordpress Directory Indexes Setting

6. Click Update.

Click Changes need to be applied. Apply

Wait 30 minutes, then try accessing . It will automatically load your Wordpress installation.

If you need assistance with getting this setup, please contact our support department..

Wait 30 minutes, then try accessing . It will automatically load your Wordpress installation. 

NOTE: be sure that php is turned on for any domain using word press - click the red button to turn php on.


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